What’s a Spirit Tale?

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Spirit Tales is a religious fiction, mystery, supernatural book series focused on Jewish and universal values.
I’ve written Spirit Tales to be understandable for both Jews and Gentiles! Spirit Tales are based on the Jewish Bible and Brith Chadashah (Jewish letters also called New Testament). Spirit Tales are focused on all ages.

“The ruach blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but cannot tell from where it comes or where it goes. God is He, He is Ruach (Spirit) and Ruach is speaking to our ruach (spirit) revealing great mysteries, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and joy.
Just like the wind blows He is whispering to us, can you hear it? When you’re quiet on the inside you might here His gentle whispering, the still small voice. Adam and Chava (or Eve) knew the sound of His voice and Presence.
We need to learn again to know and recognize the Voice, Ruach, EL Dio and let Him inspire us in our daily lives.”

“To me God’s voice and inspiration is stronger, of greater importance and authority than that of any fairy or any other spirit like creature from above or below earth. My Spirit Tales are stories based on truth and inspired by His writings.
Inspired by Him whose residence is far above earth.The supreme majestic Spirit whom we call God. He who is Adonai haKadosh va’Amiti, the Sovereign Ruler of us all. Throughout these stories I’d like to draw attention to Him who is the center of our lives, the center of our people, who is Shomer Yisrael(He who watches over Israel,
Tehillim 121: 4)”.

“Stories about YHWH and His great wonderful acts are definitely not fairytales but Spirit Tales.”