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BW rated

“A sound and practical morality tale”

Posted February 21, 2015 @ Amazon

The supernatural experience that takes place in the meat of this story is well handled. It has the majesty and otherwordliness one would expect of such a realm. The advice is practical; not at all Space Whale Aesopish. It sounds like something someone could do in real life. (…)

Ending is good. (…)

The hymns and verse and such are in three scripts, which is kinda cool. Read full review

Shuli-Mendel 5_Starsrated
Posted December 2, 2014 @ Barnes & Noble
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Spirit Tales Spirit Tale One: The Wheelwork 5_Starsrated by international readers platform Readers’ Favorite!

Editorial review: Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers’ Favorite.
Rabbi Sipporah Joseph does a superb job of illustrating a moral lesson about discovering who we really are via Grandma Sasson and her tale of Danit.

You will feel like you are one of the children eagerly listening to Grandma Sasson unravel her tale as you read this wonderful work by Rabbi Joseph.

The emotional attachment, mystery, and suspense that is created throughout the narration draws you into a deeper connection with the moral that is being taught.

Inspiring, enlightening and warm…

…a profound work of great spiritual value that will change attitudes and must be shared with everyone around you.

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Editorial review: Reviewed by Dr. Oliva Dsouza for Readers’ Favorite.
Rabbi Sipporah Joseph writes with strong conviction and her faith shines through in her written word.

… a very short and concise book, it surely packs a punch.

… she learns the actual meaning of being a daughter of God.

…she learns that wisdom and understanding go a long way in making a huge change in life.

How lucky we all would be if we were swept away like Danit to the “crystal clear” beach, where a conversation with an angel of the Lord would help us to get a different perspective about our lives.

Just like the wind blows, God is whispering to us all the time, we just have to believe and be strong in our faith and he will surely deliver our soul.

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Editorial review: Reviewed by miss D. Donovan, Reviewer for MBR.5_Starsstar rated.
…five stars for its unique focus and insights…

…provides the rudiments of a healing encounter that will set the winds of spiritual change in motion…

Spirit Tales Spirit Tale One: The Wheelwork is a recommendation for students of Messianic Jewish studies…

…highly recommended for any who enjoy parables with Jewish roots.
It’s rare to find a religious treatise based on Jewish Biblical teachings that hold the potential to reach out to a non-devout audience…

…the storyteller form holds within it a greater power than plainer writing.

…using the storyteller mode as a user-friendly way of accessing deeper spiritual understanding.

…a powerful vision of redemption, recovery, and spiritual awakening filled with moral, ethical and religious insights especially recommended for Jewish readers looking for Messianic parables that are both different and highly accessible.

…a message for all…

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