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Naomi_Goldsmidt 5_Stars_10 rated
Posted December 3, 2014 @ Barnes & Noble
This is a very moving Spirit Tale that focus on the shoa (holocaust) and the need for others to UNDERSTAND various sensitivities. Rabbi Sipporah Joseph writes with much care and respect.

5_Starsrated by international readers platform Readers’ Favorite!

5star-shiny-hr_Readers_FavoriteEditorial review: Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite.

Spirit Tale Six: Teacher of Understanding is the sixth book in Rabbi Sipporah Joseph’s Spirit Tales Series. This tale is introduced by Grandpa Sereno and he discusses the difference between knowledge, understanding and wisdom with his family and friends. The Teacher of Understanding has 24 students who’ve been allowed to progress to his class. The first students he addresses are a brother and sister, Tyler and Madison, who find themselves on their street with the Teacher. They hear screaming in the distance, and the Teacher bids them to follow the sound. They come up to an older woman who is screaming in pain and see teenagers yelling and laughing at her. Tyler and Madison are uncomfortable and ashamed because they were in that group of teens. When they return to the School, the two of them are pushed down a long slide and find themselves in a horrifying situation.

When I read Rabbi Sipporah Joseph’s Spirit Tales, I like to sit and reflect on what Grandpa Sereno and Grandma Sasson have to say. Then I seem to follow those students through the hallways where it’s always raining, but the rain never touches them, and I wonder what lessons I will learn that day. The Teacher of Knowledge has a sobering lesson to teach Tyler and Madison as they experience a reality that indeed was horrifying and something to scream in agony about. And through their ordeal, they begin to understand why Sheyndel was screaming. Spirit Tale Six: Teacher of Understanding has a message that I won’t be forgetting any time soon. Rabbi Joseph’s Spirit Tales are marvelous stories and lessons that seem to filter out the outside world and create an atmosphere of contemplation and learning, and Spirit Tale Six is no exception. Spirit Tale Six: Teacher of Understanding is very highly recommended.