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Editorial review: Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite.

Spirit Tale Seven is about the Teacher of Wisdom. As is usual in Rabbi Joseph’s Spirit Tales, this lesson is presented by Grandpa Sereno and Grandma Sasson. They are joined by their children and grandchildren who are enjoying a traditional meal and dessert. Of the 234 students attending The School of Divine Instruction, at this time only 15 students have been allowed to study under the Teacher of Wisdom, who is assisted by her ten servants. The Teacher helps the students find for themselves the Dean’s Rules; and the path from knowledge and understanding to wisdom is explored through the stories of several students. One student must acknowledge a shameful secret to retain a seat in this class, and another finds a way to healing by sharing the secret of an abusive childhood.

Rabbi Joseph’s spirit tales have a universal appeal and are suitable for students of all ages and creeds. I’ve had a marvelous time learning along with the students at The School of Divine Instruction. I’ve also taken advantage of the teachings shared by Rabbi Joseph to examine my own life and consider how I would fare as a student at this school. This seventh tale has a lot to offer the reader who gets into the spirit of finding the Dean’s rules and examining his or her own path to wisdom. Grandma and Grandpa are wonderful at presenting each tale and help the students assimilate more fully the teachings presented in the Spirit Tale. I especially enjoyed Spirit Tale Seven: Teacher of Wisdom and will be considering my own path to wisdom in light of this teaching.