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Editorial review: Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite.

Spirit Tale Eight: Teacher of Power is the final story (of the Seven Teachers sequence) in Rabbi Sipporah Joseph’s inspirational Spirit Tales Series, which is suitable for readers of all ages and religious denominations. Grandpa Sereno is introducing this last tale to his children and grandchildren. The School of Divine Instruction, he says, is designed to aid in the formation of character, and the students who study there are of all ages and have differing backgrounds. Two hundred and thirty-four students are attending the School, and they may progress when deemed ready by their current Teacher. Some students decide to spend more time with a particular teacher, which is also allowed. Of the 234, only 6 students are admitted to study under the Teacher of Power.

I was rather saddened when I finished Spirit Tale Eight: Teacher of Power. It’s a magnificent tale and a worthy conclusion to Rabbi Joseph’s Spirit Tales, but I want to keep on learning at the School of Divine Instruction. So, I’ve decided to retrace my steps and start anew with the 234 students in Spirit Tale One. Each of these tales is a grand adventure, and Spirit Tale Eight wraps them all up beautifully, but do read them in sequence. Follow along with the students as they progress. If you do, you will probably find yourself as enriched as, indeed, I was. Rabbi Joseph’s Spirit Tales are stories you’ll want to share and discuss with your family, and they are very highly recommended. Meanwhile, I’ll be studying each of the Spirit Tales again as I await further stories from Rabbi Sipporah Joseph.