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Naomi_Goldsmidt 5_Starsstar rated.
Posted December 3, 2014 @ Barnes & Noble
An original! Very pleasant to read and easy to understand.
Shuli-Mendel 5_Starsstar rated.
Posted December 2, 2014 @ Barnes & Noble
Perhaps a bit too short of a tale but it does wet the appetite for the other Spirit Tales books in the series.

Editorial review: Reviewed by D. Donovan, Reviewer for Midwest Book Review. 5_Starsstar rated.
Spirit Tale Two: The Seven Teachers – The Dean begins a series of seven stories told by the Sephardic Jewish Grandpa Sereno. Joseph’s Spirit Tales series represents religious fiction that is based on Jewish tradition, values and storytelling, but written to be accessible to readers of all faiths. The Wheelwork introduced this concept and the ‘Seven Teachers’ sequence of books takes it a step further, embarking on a journey whereby each teacher offers further spiritual and ethical insights. Familiarity with The Wheelwork is not a requirement for this second book, which will please newcomers and prior readers alike. A prologue explains the character of Grandpa Sereno and his importance to a large family, while the tale itself is presented in a short, pamphlet-appearing booklet of under 40 pages, which makes it accessible to both busy learners and non-readers alike.

Connections are drawn between the spiritual/metaphysical world and life experiences, with individual strengths and purposes linked to their world impact: “Watch what you say. Because here everything you say becomes visible; even as much as seven times more than usual” the Dean explained.” Perhaps this is the most valuable lesson the Dean can impart: that individual actions, words, and choices impact and hold consequences for the wider world around us.

A being called the ‘Announcer’ is introduced by Grandpa, setting the stage for revelations about an invisible dimension of possibilities that all visitors to it perceive differently. Exploration of this dimension and one’s role in it is what Spirit Tale Two: The Seven Teachers – The Dean is all about, offering the framework and basic setting for a series of teachings connecting spiritual with earthly concerns and offering readers of all ages an opportunity to reflect on the larger meaning of experience and discovery. Characters of students are tested, story sequences offer gentle reflections on life and God’s meaning, and the end result is an easily-digested, authentic introduction to a series designed to lead all ages to a greater understanding of self and spirit.

Review date: May 19, 2014, by Poet submitted on Amazon
This book was quite a short read but not without essence and depth. The theme which fascinated me the most throughout the spiritual dialogues was Sereno’s revelation of the spiritual world in regard to our illusive human reality. His advocacy for the metaphysical reality and for the moral sphere has roots in kabala and in ancient lore. I also admire the link between the believers and their God. This book, furthermore, made me ponder about several comparisons, as here not only religion itself that stands in pure morals in comparison with modern literature, but also within religion it encourages the reader to ponder over monotheism as a whole. The Sephardim Jews, it appears, had a stronger and holier a bond with their God in comparison with other Jews. All in all, I feel that this book is associated with the tree of life from the kabala, and that its divine knowledge has very well emerged in a time whence mankind needs it the most. It is truly aligned with the coming of the new messiah.

! Authors comment: “I’m grateful for Poets’ review. However I am against kabbalah because it is a belief system that searches the mysteries of God and interactions with the Divine through a plethora of unBiblical and even unJewish processes. My books are certainly not meant to cater kabbalistic ideas or ideologies!
Rabbi Sipporah Joseph

5_Starsrated by international readers platform Readers’ Favorite!
Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite.
Spirit Tale Two, The Seven Teachers: The Dean by Rabbi Sipporah Joseph is a short religious fiction story about faith, belief, inspiration and family. In an attempt to help his beloved daughter through a trying moment, Grandpa Sereno tells the family a story of 234 students that travelled to the School of Divine Instruction for a special kind of education. His audience, made up of three generations of his family, listens with great admiration as he describes the magic of the students’ journey in chariots and their arrival at the school. He uses this story to teach his daughter and the rest of his family about some important life values.

Spirit Tale Two, The Seven Teachers: The Dean by Rabbi Sipporah is an inspiring and exciting story that perfectly portrays a three-generational modern-day Jewish family. Rabbi Sipporah has a way with words that flawlessly brings out the spirit of the story and creates the perfect connection with his intended audience. The story is filled with a subtle, and yet hard to miss, beautiful Jewish family spirit, with characters that complement the plot perfectly. All the characters are so skillfully developed to fit into the plot and each brings something special to the story, especially beautiful little Sarucha who is amazing beyond words. The journey of the students to the magical School of Divine Instruction is wonderful and the way Rabbi Sipporah describes the breathtaking scenery and the students’ reaction to it is lovely. The book would be an absolute treat for any lovers of Jewish fiction literature.