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Naomi_Goldsmidt 5_Stars_10rated!
Posted December 3, 2014 @ Barnes & Noble
Absolutely wonderful! Metaphors and concrete guidelines to encourage a more rich mindset and lifestyle.

Shuli-Mendel 5_Stars_10rated!
Posted December 2, 2014 @ Barnes & Noble
A probing tale with the right amount of humor. Spirit Tale Three the Teacher of Counsel is about an excavation. The excavation takes place on a physical,- a deeper inward personal,- and metaphysical level. The students in this Spirit Tale are all on a different level but they are given the tools to deal with whatever it is they need to excavate, find out for themselves.

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Editorial review: Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite.
Spirit Tale Three, Teacher of Counsel is a fiction work written by Rabbi Sipporah Joseph.
It’s about The School of Divine Instruction. 234 students embarked on this quest for knowledge in the first tale,
but they do not progress as a group. Some are held longer by their teacher, and others may choose to remain with a teacher if they feel they have more to learn. The first teacher is the Dean of the School. He has cleared the way for 104 students to pass to the next teacher, the Teacher of Counsel. He brings the students to some old and dusty ruins and gives them their assignment. They are to act as archaeologists and study the ruins, looking for things of beauty and things that speak to them directly. Some only see ruins and lifeless garbage, and others see great beauty.

Rabbi Sipporah Joseph’s Spirit Tale series offers profound yet easily accessible lessons on spirituality.
Spirit Tale Three, Teacher of Counsel covers much ground and many subjects. Among them is Messianic Judaism and how it is perceived by some Jews to be a threat. Christians and the evangelical movement are also addressed in an inclusive manner. While there are some aspects to the teachings in this work with which I do not wholly agree,
I appreciated the presentation and the invitation to consider differing views. I do love the international flair that is built into the series generally, and in this tale, specifically, where Jews of all different nationalities are celebrated and the session with Grandpa Sereno is quite marvelous.