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It’s Chanukah, the Jewish festival of lights.
The candles make the evening so beautiful and bright.
Nathan, who’s an actor, master of make-believe,
is unaware of the greater things he can achieve.
But a miracle is on its way,
A miracle he needs today,
Soon he’ll understand there is more than meets the eye,
That’s what the Chanukah lights testify.

Quotes from the book:
The Voice: “Does light conquer darkness or does darkness conquer light? Does night follow day or does day follow night?”

Esperanza (age 12): “Who’s ‘The Voice’ then, dad?”

“What is going on with you? Chanukah starts this evening and we planned to go to my parents together remember?” Bechora answered, slightly agitated.

Noa: “We need to stick together here! If the Rabbi get arrested our community will fall apart!”

The Voice: “(…) You will survive this earthquake!”

Pages: 68
15556 words
Authored by: Messianic Rabbi Sipporah Joseph
Edited by: Dayle Anne Schechter

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