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Sephardic Jewish Grandpa Sereno shares the last Spirit Tale within the Seven Teachers sequence.
Six students are allowed to progress to the last Teacher, who is the Teacher of Power. He guides them through the Sephardic Synagogue – a supernatural tour which reveals the meaning of true power, its use and abuse. The only assignment the students are given is to ask questions about power and its application. Eventually the six students complete their training at the School of Divine Instruction.

A closing ceremony is held for them on the Ruach Gabit Square (square of the tailwind), the square where their journey started in Spirit Tale Two.

Quotes from the book:
“Grandpa Sereno: “Aboltar cazal, aboltar mazal (a change of scene, a change of fortune).”

Tzuriel: “This is “shock and awe” cool!!”

“Sarucha: “I’m from the future and my name is a Jewish Spanish version of the Hebrew name Sarah.”

“The Teacher sighed. “How an institution for the performing arts was contaminated!”.

“Is the power that a woman has to give birth to a new human being any less powerful than the splitting of Yam Suf (Sea of Reeds, Red Sea)?

After a short pause, the Teacher of Power responded: “Mister Micha and all the rest of you honored students, I’m not going to answer the question all people ask. Instead, I’ll answer the question almost no one asks”.

Pages: 42
7757 words
ISBN-13: 978-1497325333
ISBN-10: 1497325331
Authored by: Messianic Rabbi Sipporah Joseph
Edited by: Dayle Anne Schechter

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