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Sephardic Jewish Grandma Sasson shares this Spirit Tale which focuses on Sarucha, the eight-year-old Jewish girl, and Hadassah, a young Jewish lady of 28.

Each of them, separately, is in the process of finding the meaning of real strength, overcoming fear and learning to trust. The Teacher of Knowledge shows them how to face the giants, to love diversity and to realize that each of them is never really alone.

Join the Spirit Tales storytellers and their family in a chariot ride from the School of Divine Instruction all the way to Jerusalem and back!

Quotes from the book:
Sarucha (age 8): “Look, down there, I recognize it, ciudad de Jerusalén (the city of Jerusalem)! Jerusalén!, Jerusalén!” she exclaimed.

“Light has a voice?” Sarucha inquired, amazed.

Hadassah: “What good will that do? After all, you supposedly know everything already.”

Pages: 34
4566 words
ISBN-13: 978-1497325227
ISBN-10: 1497325226
Authored by: Messianic Rabbi Sipporah Joseph
Edited by: Dayle Anne Schechter

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