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…five stars Five_starsfor its unique focus and insights…Miss D. Donovan.

…the winds of spiritual change in motion…

Miss D. Donovan.

The world seems to stop and stand still when I read the Spirit Tales, Rabbi Sipporah Joseph’s series of religious tales. Jack Magnus.

…a profound work of great spiritual value that will change attitudes and must be shared with everyone around you. Bil Howard.

The emotional attachment, mystery, and suspense that is created throughout the narration draws you into a deeper connection with the moral that is being taught. Bil Howard.

You will feel like you are one of the children eagerly listening…Bil Howard.

It is truly aligned with the coming of the new messiah. Poet.

…interesting and educational stories.

Dr. Oliva Dsouza.

Rabbi Sipporah Joseph writes with strong conviction and her faith shines through in her written word.
Dr. Oliva Dsouza.

Just like the wind blows, God is whispering to us all the time. Dr. Oliva Dsouza.

It’s rare to find a religious treatise based on Jewish Biblical teachings that hold the potential to reach out to a non-devout audience; but the storyteller form holds within it a greater power than plainer writing.

Miss D. Donovan.

…spiritual awakening filled with moral, ethical and religious insights. Miss D. Donovan.

…using the storyteller mode as a user-friendly way of accessing deeper spiritual understanding. Miss D. Donovan.

…especially recommended for Jewish readers looking for Messianic parables that are both different and highly accessible.

Miss D. Donovan.

…about faith, belief, inspiration and family. Faridah Nassozi.

…breathtaking scenery. Faridah Nassozi.

…beautiful Jewish family spirit…Faridah Nassozi.

…an absolute treat for any lovers of Jewish fiction literature.

Faridah Nassozi.

Rabbi Sipporah Joseph’s Spirit Tale series offers profound yet easily accessible lessons on spirituality. Jack Magnus.

I do love the international flair that is built into the series generally…

Jack Magnus.

…Jews of all different nationalities are celebrated. Jack Magnus.

…an intellectual and dispassionate exercise on morality. A marvelous series!

Jack Magnus.
Spirit_Tale_Four_Rating_Patricia5_Starsrated by Miss D. Donovan 5_Starsrated by Bil Howard

5_Starsrated by Jack Magnus     James_Spirit_Tale_One5_Starsrated by Dr. Oliva Dsouza

Jodi--_Spirit_Tale_Two5_Starsrated by Faridah Nassozi Lee_Five